The touristIc city of Itu is an odd city. The relief differential, the varvite sedimentary rock whose only trace in the world is located in here, its many days of sunshine and warmth are elements that make up this beautiful city in São Paulo state that, with its more than 400 years of history has much to show tourists.

The downtown streets, the historical houses, churches, museums, antique shops, squares, historic farms and cultural spaces, among other attractions, are examples of a story, and that really tells about the trajectory in Brazil.

In a rural area  , the hundred-year-old  farms  like the coffe and sugar; preserved until today, allied to all wealth and cultural of the city we can confirm that Itu is a destination for all tastes and preferences. Come over here to know our city.


  • São Paulo – 101 km
  • Campinas city – 47 km
  • Viracopos airport – 41 km
  • Salto city – 8 km
  • Cabreuva city – 15 km
  • Porto Feliz city – 25 km
  • Indaiatuba city – 25 km
  • Sorocaba city – 39 km


  • Churches, museums and historic memorial.
  • Churches: Matriz´ church Carmo´s church, Army´s church and Nossa Senhora do Patrocínio´s church.
  • Museums: Republican, Energy, and Army, The biggest telephone booth and traffic lights, stores with the immense gifts, a bunch of diverse objects from the city where the folklore that everything in the city is big and its situated  on matriz square.
  • Varvito’s Park.
  • Historical farms.
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