Being recognized in Itu and region as the hotel with the best benefits, analyzing room, services, food and prices.

With the fast development in hotel management the country, Itu and region has grown; Hotel KK reached host of improvement, like the celebration of eighteen (18) new apartments in 2008 and the total building in all structure, including rooms, restaurants, laundry and new equipaments realized in the lasts years. The building plans have improved a lot and its always happen, as you see each time, we can get a better quality, the greatest equipaments and services, attending the guests with pleasure, with the best for our guests benefits.

Our mainly target always will be the same: GUESTS. Our guests are the reason which Hotel KK is still working and our improvement for a better reception to you.

The phrase "treat everyone the same way that you would like to be treated" is our reference guide. Humility, education, friendliness, courtesy and ethics are the adjectives that define the way we interact with customers, employees and suppliers.


We are located in downtown of the historic landmark of Itu city, next to the shopping mall. All tours for historic places can be realized on foot, you will know the immense telephone booth and the biggest traffic lights, museums, churches, farms, houses and historic monuments.

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